BTN – Seed bank

The seed bank is not a waste of money. Nature is a big part of surviving in this world, so without plants and seeds we wouldn’t be able to live as well as we do today.

First of all plants are good for us. They provide oxygen for us. Not only do they provide food for us but they provide oxygen to protect the environment. Plants can be healthy things to eat, like carrots, potatoes, ect. If all the plants got wiped out from floods or other disasters than we would have none left. Vegetarians and other people who don’t eat meat wouldn’t have plants to eat. The seed bank would provide us with all the plants that got wiped out.

Second of all the seed bank can be used for research reasons. If all the plants got wiped out we could use the seeds and plants in the seed bank to do the research we need to, to learn about how plants grow, and other important things.

Lastly alike my first reason there is crop diversity. If all of one kind of crop gets wiped out the seed bank can replace the crop with a similar one or breed plants to make a similar kind. For example currently all banana plants are getting wiped out. The seed bank doesn’t have any banana seeds, so people who live off banana’s may be in trouble.

In conclusion the seed bank is good for back ups, research, and crop diversity.

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