Science reflection term 2

The integrated unit this term was science! It was focused around matter and changes. During it we learnt about: The types of matter, properties, transitions between types of matter, scienctific words, physical and chemical changes, and irreversible and reversible changes. Here are 3 things I found interesting, 2 things I understood about the unit, and a question I have still:

I learnt that a chemical change is a change in which a new substance is formed. Here are some ways I know of on how to identify a chemical change:

  • New colour
  • New smell
  • Light
  • heat
  • sound

A physical change is when a new shape of state of matter is changed but the substance stays the same. Like, ice melting. It may go from solid to liquid but it is still just water. Finally I learnt some scientific words that I found interesting like; viscosity (How thick or thin a liquid is), and malleable, (How stretchy/flexible an object).

I understand that everything is made up of matter and everything is made up of atoms.

While doing my experiment with my partner Chiara, I learnt a lot about science lab reports and about boiling and evaporation.

I learnt a lot about (as I said) boiling, evaporation, viscosity, and heating. I learnt all of that when researching our topic and observing what happened, while we we were preforming our experiments. I learnt that water evaporates from liquids first and fat and sugar will be left to burn with honey. I can relate my knowledge of that to other liquids like salt water, ketchup, and so on.

My goals at the beginning of this term were, to understand changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting freezing, evaporating, or irreversible, such as burning and rusting. I know a lot about changes now like chemical, physical, irreversible, and reversible than I did before. I still am not 100% sure on chemical changes but I still do understand a lot.

Finally my last goal was to use equipment and materials safely identifying potential risks. For this one I think that I could be a little more careful of what I do in the science lab, because sometimes I get ahead of myself and don’t realise what I am doing, and I can be a bit careless.

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