Mount Alexander College Science Reflection

On 8th of June 2016 we went to Mount Alexander College or M.A to see some demonstrations, learn a bit more about science, and learn and see the school. If you would like to see their website here is the link to their website: Mount Alexander Website

We went to three stations: Physical changes, Chemical changes, and we even did a experiment ourselves. Here is what happened on the day:

We first went to do our own experiments first. They showed us a demonstration on what happens when you add yeast, water, and sugar together, put a balloon on the top, and if adding more sugar effected how big the balloon grows.

With that one we learn that the more sugar you added the bigger the balloon grew.

After that we did an experiment. We tried to see what would make a berroca in water dissolve the quickest. Me and my partner Indigo added more water to the container, to give it more space to dissolve. Ours definitely did not take the quickest.

Next we went to the chemical change station. We did these experiments there: Genie in a bottle, Chameleon, and Elephant’s toothpaste. All of those we learnt were chemical changes. Then we did a quiz on chemical changes and other things relating to chemical changes.

Finally we went to the physical change station. There we saw a lot a dry ice and we played a game of bingo.

Overall I learnt a lot about science. I thought that the students did a really good job in presenting, and I really liked the school as well.

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