BTN – Animal testing

This BTN article was about animal testing in Australia. Here are some things I learnt:

Beauty products are so important to people that it’s estimated the world spends $250,000,000 on them every year. That is a lot of money for just beauty products. I also learnt that in the 19th century when beauty products were safe there wasn’t many rules about the safety of them, so when people started get hurt by the products, the government started introducing rules about the safety forcing people to start using animals to test safety. Finally I learnt that 80% of the world still test products on animals and some places like china have laws forcing them to test on animals.

Two things I understood were that testing on animals is animal cruelty because you’re willing to risk hurting them, and that laws were made against it so animal cruelty doesn’t become normal.

A question I have is: What consequences are there against animal testing?

One thought on “BTN – Animal testing

  1. I really liked your BTN. It was really interesting and gave me a lot of facts. When I finished I was thinking the same question as you: What are the consequences of animal testing? It really made me think about all the other animal problems around the world! 🙁

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