100 WC #22

Fear swept over me as I prepared to board the air plane. My school band and I, the Yellow Wood primary orchestra, were getting ready to play in America. I held my violin case in my hand and boarded the air plane. I hoped nothing bad would happen to it. It was worth thousands, and my Father would kill me. I felt as if anxiety was going to eat me alive. I walked over to my seat and sat down scared of the show we would soon present. Although I was scared I was confident and ready to put my full effort into playing the best show I could.

My goal for this 100 WC was to write an ending that didn’t end on a cliff hanger and give a better summary than I usually do.

One thought on “100 WC #22

  1. I could see how you did not end your story with a cliffhanger. I like how the story was all about this guy being very nervous and at the end the story goes to being calm I think that was a great way to enhance that goal. You could work on going back and proofreading it because there was a far few grammatical errors. Though all up I loved the ideas in your story keep it up.

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