BTN – the death debate

This article was about a debate about what should happen to two drug smugglers from Australia who tried to smuggle drugs in Indonesia. Indonesia has given the two the death penalty. Here’s what I got out of this:

The things I learnt were that, in Australia the death penalty doesn’t exist, the last person killed in Australia for a crime was a man called Ronald Ryan and that the death sentence can be called capital punishment.

The death Penalty exists in countries like Indonesia, Japan, China, and parts of the U.S.A. as well. It doesn’t happen anymore because of the protests before and after of a man sentenced to death (in Australia) because of shooting a police officer.

The two things I understood is that some people believe the death penalty is too harsh because the person could always turn their life around and that Indonesia believes that if the crime was committed in Indonesia they should suffer Indonesian punishments.

A question I had was what other crimes lead you to capital punishment in Indonesia? I can guess a couple like man slaughter, murder, drug smuggling but what other ones are there?

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