100 WC #19

Anna sat in her camping chair around the fire waiting for her dad to get back from fishing. The 12 year old hated waiting. The last time she was waited for her Mother she never ended up coming back.

The fire continued to crackle and rise as the girl kept waiting. Suddenly the flame of the fire flickered wildly then went out.

She felt a hand grab the back of her T-shirt and pull her back. The terrified girl shrieked loudly as she was dragged backwards. She kicked and screamed as loudly as she could manage, but ended up being unable to escape from the hand.


My goal was to use other words instead of the name of the person over and over again. I think I did well at this goal because I came up with a lot of new ways to call a character something other than just ‘the girl’ or the ‘the boy.

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