Goals and Reflection


My goals are to learn how to end my stories smoother without rushing them, and how to add numbers on a number line efficiently. To improve my behaviour in learning, I will practice writing just the ends of stories, and practice number lines as well at home to achieve those goals. I also want to gain more confidence in myself, and more qualities to become a leader. I will practice speaking to crowds, and try to be a leader in groups instead of a follower. I can also practice speaking to my family.

My reflection on the goals…

I can now end my stories with a message for a better ending and don’t have to rush them because I have learnt it is best to end with a message and have a theme. I think I have more confidence in myself as a leader and for important roles from the speeches I have done, I have gained confidence about speaking and delivering. For adding numbers on a number line for a better strategy in maths I haven’t used that strategy for any of my maths problems, so I don’t think that I have achieved that goal.

My future goals….

I would like to get better at fractions since I don’t really understand them very well. I would like to learn how to write stories/narratives in different genres. I can talk to my family and teacher about fractions and practice them. For writing, I can practice writing short stories I different kinds of genres other than fantasy. I would like to learn to give speeches without cue cards, to do this I can start out by giving dot points about the info I want and then eventually memorising them.

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