Civics and Citezenship reflection


In the unit Civics and Citizenship we learnt about how the government worked and what it meant to be a good citizen. For the Citizenship we learnt about the 9 values and focused on some people who demonstrated those values. For Civics we learnt about the different levels of government, the different types of government, how voting worked, and what the process of making a law was like.

Facts I found interesting or surprising:

  1. For a bill to be passed to become a law it must be agreed on by the majority of voices in the House of Representatives then the same must happen for the Senate. Then finally once the bill has been agreed on by both houses the Governor General must sign it and then it becomes a law.
  2. The different types of governments are Anarchy- no government or laws, Communism- government controls economy and owns all businesses and farms, Democracy- the people elect the government, everyone has fair say in how the government runs, Dictatorship- the country is ruled by one non-elected leader, Monarchy- king or queen rules and government has most control, Republic- elected leader rather than a monarch, and Totalitarian- government prevents leaving and you are forced to do what they say.
  3. The three levels of government are federal- the things that affect Australia as a country like refugees and foreign affairs. State- that deals with stuff likes schools, hospitals and water, and Local that deals with local roads and pet control.


During our group project I think that I learnt a lot more about what the process of creating a bill is like. You need to do lots of research and you need to know the cons for the bill so you can argue against. I learnt this while we were doing our project because I realized that it was a lot more difficult than I would have thought making a bill is like.

During the excursion I learnt that the miners and the government had a war because the miners wanted their rights and to be respected and that’s how democracy was created. I learnt this at the museum when we looked at the touch screens and from the people who worked there. What I can do now with this is understand how the government works better. I now know about passing a bill and what democracy is so I will have a better understanding of how it works.

For the goals that I created for myself at the start of term one, I forgot which ones I choose but I can reflect on some of them that I know I could either work on or that I achieved:

For one that I think I achieved I had this one: demonstrate understanding of the process of making and changing laws. I believe I can do this pretty well. I understand how a bill becomes a law in the H.R and the Senate and I understand what goes into coming up with a bill.

Demonstrate understanding of the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and of democratic processes, when engaging in school and community activities. I know about the power and responsibilities of the H.R and the Senate and I also understand how a bill gets passed and the processes to change things about our country.

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