100 WC week #13

Joshua stared at the green blob on his white wall. It was massive but he just couldn’t get it off. It wouldn’t budge.

“My mum is going to kill me!” Joshua thought.

He was sure the dot would come off eventually but the spot just grew and grew. It was like it was alive.

If that wasn’t bad enough it started to smell. Horrible stenches filling his nose.

One day the door of Joshua’s room burst open.

“Josh I have your laundry…” His mum started. “JOSH WHAT IS THAT THING ON YOUR WALL!” He turned red.

“I have no idea…”

Me reading my story:

One thought on “100 WC week #13

  1. Hi!!!

    STILL WONDERING ON HOW YOU CHANGE THE PIC??? The one you were talking about today, the rainbow

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