Rebecca Scott — Values

Rebecca Scott won the local hero award  for 2016.  She runs cafe’s for homeless and mentally disturbed youths between the ages of 16 and 25 to work at her cafe’s so they can learn how to get a job. She gave the youths a chance to live a normal life like everyone else and get a second chance.

When Rebecca was younger she realized how many people were homeless and she showed a strong sympathy to them. Rebecca came out in 1194 to her family. Her family was accepting about other than her brother. Rebecca said that 25% of homeless were homeless because their families had kicked them out because they had come out to them. That was one of the things that motivated her to do her cafe’s.

I admire Rebecca Scott for the understanding of the youths. She put herself in their shoes and opened up workshops to give them a new life. I think that is very important skill to have. To know where the person is coming from. She also took responsibility of the issue and opened up something to help them even when she didn’t need to, She choose to.


Respect: ORANGE

Fair go: PINK

Understanding: PURPLE

Responsibility: RED

Care and Compassion: YELLOW

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