100 WC #15 The best seller

Ariel looked down at her red notebook thinking about her writing. She needed inspiration, something that wasn’t a normal topic to write about. But what to write about? She looked behind her amazing view of the beach. 6 recycling bins. Ariel started writing a sudden idea coming to her head. It was stupid but inspirational. 6 recycling bins. Clashed with the beautiful beach sights. A story: a group who doesn’t fit in with the crowd, breaks through and fits in. The bins didn’t fit in with the beach but clashed in anyway. Thanks guys this could be a best seller.

Preferential voting- BTN

3 facts:

  1. Even if a candidate is in the lead for the first vote won’t always win.
  2. If the candidate you voted for doesn’t win your second choice can still determine the winner
  3. You have to have half of the voters plus one votes to win.

2 Understandings:

  1. Preferential voting makes sure that most people are happy
  2. it’s hard to know who’s going to win if no one wins the first election.


  1. Are candidates allowed to vote for themselves?

Passing a bill in Australian Parliament

The thing I know about is that a Bill has to be agreed on for it to be moved into the Senate. I also know that the Speaker calls the members to speak for their argument on the bill, so that no doesn’t get time to speak and nobody is interrupting someone else. The Clerk tells the members the rules of the house before they get started with the Bill so everyone knows how to act while its happening. Those are the things I know as a fact with passing a bill but I understand that the Speaker keeps the house following the right structure and rules, and that everyone gets a fair say in if the bill should be passed. These are the things I know but I have a question about the process as well. What happens if a member breaks the Clerks rules? Will they be forced to leave? These are the things I know about passing a bill in Australian parliament.

100 WC #14 Genre- Mystery

I looked around. I was in a dark musty room. It was obviously very old and hadn’t been visited in along time. Then I saw it, the box. I gulped. This is what I’ve been looking for. The prize at the end of my journey. Except I didn’t know if it was a prize. I shook my head. Don’t think about it. I slowly walked up to it. My life was flashing before my very own eyes. I didn’t know if I was ready for this. I put my hand in the box and I felt it, the book of life…

BTN – Governor General


The Governor General is the Queens Representative since the Queen is in the U.K.

The Governor General approves new Law the H.R and the Senate agree.

The Governor General can fire the Prime Minister.


The Governor General is a very important role since you represent Australia.

You meet a lot of important people.


Does the Governor General allowed to change laws if she/he doesn’t agree with what it is?

100 WC week #13

Joshua stared at the green blob on his white wall. It was massive but he just couldn’t get it off. It wouldn’t budge.

“My mum is going to kill me!” Joshua thought.

He was sure the dot would come off eventually but the spot just grew and grew. It was like it was alive.

If that wasn’t bad enough it started to smell. Horrible stenches filling his nose.

One day the door of Joshua’s room burst open.

“Josh I have your laundry…” His mum started. “JOSH WHAT IS THAT THING ON YOUR WALL!” He turned red.

“I have no idea…”

Me reading my story:

Rebecca Scott — Values

Rebecca Scott won the local hero award  for 2016.  She runs cafe’s for homeless and mentally disturbed youths between the ages of 16 and 25 to work at her cafe’s so they can learn how to get a job. She gave the youths a chance to live a normal life like everyone else and get a second chance.

When Rebecca was younger she realized how many people were homeless and she showed a strong sympathy to them. Rebecca came out in 1194 to her family. Her family was accepting about other than her brother. Rebecca said that 25% of homeless were homeless because their families had kicked them out because they had come out to them. That was one of the things that motivated her to do her cafe’s.

I admire Rebecca Scott for the understanding of the youths. She put herself in their shoes and opened up workshops to give them a new life. I think that is very important skill to have. To know where the person is coming from. She also took responsibility of the issue and opened up something to help them even when she didn’t need to, She choose to.


Respect: ORANGE

Fair go: PINK

Understanding: PURPLE

Responsibility: RED

Care and Compassion: YELLOW