100 WC #11 Genre- fantasy

When the connection between the two fairy kingdoms broke chaos was created. The connection was the magic between them that set peace, but when that was destroyed they declared war. The fairy that had set the spell was recently killed by a dark oak. Once a fairy dies any everlasting spells they had cast would disappear. It was sad that the kingdoms relied on magic to keep them calm. The war could reveal them to the humans. The connection could never come back. Only the peace fairy that cast the spell could make it. Their world was falling apart frantically…

One thought on “100 WC #11 Genre- fantasy

  1. Brynn, at the end you left the reader guessing which i really enjoyed trying to find an ending. It is a good idea to do that because writing 100 words is a challenge to have a structure of start, middle and end. It was a very interesting story to read, Well done!

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