BTN Voting Ages


  1. Things you can do when your 16 are drive, join the army, donate blood,
  2. You need to be 18 or older to vote in Australia
  3. In the 2014 elections about 400,000 18-24 year olds didn’t vote.





  1. Some people want 16 and 17 year olds to vote so they can understand and get more into politics
  2. It’s a big responsibility to vote which is why some teens don’t want to.



Would teens take voting seriously?


Summary text:

The BTN that I did was Voting Age. It was about the debate about if 16 and 17 year olds could vote. The things I learnt were that when you turn 16 you can drive join the army and donate blood. I also learnt you need to be 18 and older to drive and finally that in the 2014 election around 400,000 18 to 24 years olds broke the law by not driving. I understood in the video that the people who wanted teens to vote think that it could help them get more into politics, I also understood that some teens don’t really want vote because it’s a very big responsibility. A question I have about the video is if teens would take voting seriously. I understood that some of them didn’t want to but I would wonder if right now it was legal to vote at 16 years and up would teens be silly about it?

100 WC #11 Genre- fantasy

When the connection between the two fairy kingdoms broke chaos was created. The connection was the magic between them that set peace, but when that was destroyed they declared war. The fairy that had set the spell was recently killed by a dark oak. Once a fairy dies any everlasting spells they had cast would disappear. It was sad that the kingdoms relied on magic to keep them calm. The war could reveal them to the humans. The connection could never come back. Only the peace fairy that cast the spell could make it. Their world was falling apart frantically…



  1. King Jon upset the barons so much they created a document call Magna Carta
  2. Some of the things on the Magna Carta were not raising taxes, respecting the church, and a fair trial by jury.
  3. The Declaration of Independence (An American document) was inspired by the Magna Carta




  1. The barons were going broke with all the taxes Jon was giving them which was making them angry
  2. The Magna Carta inspired the peaceful and respectful world we live in today.



How high did Jon raise the taxes?


Summary Text:


This week’s BTN was about a document called the Magna Carta that inspired Human rights. I learned a lot more about it and it was really fascinating. There was a king named Jon who was hated amongst his kingdom. He was always raising the taxes so the barons forced him to sign a document called the Magna Carta which is currently 800 years old. The Magna Carta had promises on there like: not raising taxes, respecting the church, and making sure everyone had a fair trial. This inspired the Declaration of independence which is an American document stating rights and values. From this BTN I could understand that the barons were going broke with all the taxes they were paying and that the Magna Carta created the world we live in today. I understood all of that but I’m still wondering how high Jon raised the taxes? It had to be a lot since they made him promise to lots of stuff.


100 WC Week #10 The secrets of the gold mines

“Mr. Chang and Yen. Hello I’m Mr. Hoffman from the London Times. You have said that you know about what’s inside the cave gold mines?”
Yen nodded. Hoffman sat down on a barrel outside of the bakery as Yen and Chang huddled around him.
“We have seen the gold inside of it. It has to be worth hundreds, thousands even.”
Hoffman sighed.
“Just what I feared. This could create chaos all over China.” Chang gulped in the fresh Bakery air.
“You can’t tell anyone.” Hoffman whispered. “Lets keep it a personal secret.”
Then without another word, Hoffman stomped away.

Buddies Reflection

Buddies reflection-

A couple weeks ago we had a buddy’s session. This was where all the preps and year 5/6’s got together and did activities such as colouring. It was pretty disappointing for me since my buddy was absent but I got to join another group. I didn’t do much with the buddy that I joined since I didn’t want to disappoint her when I wasn’t in her group anymore but I think everyone else had fun.

Buddies is an important program where the preps get a role model to follow and look up to. It shows them an example of someone they should be when they get older. I have a prep in my family and he really likes the program.

It also helps the older kids understand responsibility and know how to treat certain people. You wouldn’t play soccer with a prep that could get injured and hurt.

The next buddy session my buddy was there. I learned a bit more about her and she was very outgoing. I was glad she wasn’t shy because it would have been a bit harder. She asked me to meet her at the monkey bars, but I explained we couldn’t play together.

It is kind of hard not to be too kind to a prep. Some preps don’t have many friends and think that you are there to become one. You have to be nice enough to let them feel comfortable but not too nice to make them feel you are there to play with them.

Overall buddies is a great program to help preps and 5/6’s.