Gas, Dancer, Green, Swimming, Likely, 100 WC

Pollution. A gas swimming in the air ready to strike at any time. They tried to stop it, but pollution was unstoppable. They had created a monster that was likely to never go away. It destroyed the oceans and plants, taking away the green from them. Turning it into a brown. Although it destroyed their world it did it slowly like a graceful dancer, creeping up behind them destroying one thing at a time. Some people knew about the danger. They wanted to stop it. End it, why they couldn’t do it was unknown. The rest of them didn’t care.

One thought on “Gas, Dancer, Green, Swimming, Likely, 100 WC

  1. Brynn.
    I really liked how you wrote something that was not made up but a fact that is happening at this moment all over the world. I think you should look at the last sentence it needs an apostrophe. I liked how you formed it. It put me in the sad and angry mood that I think you wanted. Overall I think you did a great job!

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