SRC application

SRC Application:

Why I should be an SRC:

I believe I should be SRC because I am a good leader and a quick thinker. I love to help those who need it at any given time which is an important skill to have in leadership.

SRC is a role in which leadership is required. You need to be responsible and organised and prepared for the job. I have a lot of determination to help out the school as much as possible and I think this would be a good opportunity for me.

I am also collaborative. I am willing to work with anyone whether I know them or not, because I believe everyone has good thoughts and ideas to share. I am respectful and I will consider every suggestion.

I know all of these traits are what a SRC needs, and I also know that they represent me. I have just the right amount of confidence and determination for this role, and if I get it I will do nothing more but get stronger on these traits.

I’m optimistic and I will always do my very best and put in all my effort to be an SRC. I hope you consider me, as in I know that SRC is a very important and serious role that I can fulfil putting all my effort into it.

One thought on “SRC application

  1. I enjoyed your speech Brynn. You successfully unpacked the skills required and what you can personally bring to the role. One observation, saying you can work with anyone ‘whether you like them or not’ can come across as a bit negative. Maybe ‘whether I know them or not’ would sound more inclusive, which is a quality you want to project. Finally I think your concluding sentence was a great way to sum up. Well done.

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