100 WC Week #9 Superhero.

He is falling. Falling from the highest building in the city. I have been trained for this moment but I’m frozen. I shake and I am pale.

Someone calls my name. Spica Warrior. They need me. I swoop under the building, my orange cape flapping in the wind. I hold my hands out and catch the man. A face of relief sweeps over his face. He thanks me and I smile gladly.
flying back down to the crowd, they cheer my name and thank me. Spica Warrior the one and only. I am a young hero, and it feels great.

Cliff hanger…

She rushed through the dark forest as fast as her legs could carry her. The stars twinkled above her, looking over her. She could hear footsteps behind her, but she didn’t dare turn around. Whatever was chasing her was picking up speed. The crunching of twigs could be heard and the rustling of leaves. It was right behind her now. Nadia felt a hand grab the back of her ripped shirt and pull her forward. A cold harsh voice spoke from behind her.

“You can’t escape us Nadia.”

Gas, Dancer, Green, Swimming, Likely, 100 WC

Pollution. A gas swimming in the air ready to strike at any time. They tried to stop it, but pollution was unstoppable. They had created a monster that was likely to never go away. It destroyed the oceans and plants, taking away the green from them. Turning it into a brown. Although it destroyed their world it did it slowly like a graceful dancer, creeping up behind them destroying one thing at a time. Some people knew about the danger. They wanted to stop it. End it, why they couldn’t do it was unknown. The rest of them didn’t care.

SRC application

SRC Application:

Why I should be an SRC:

I believe I should be SRC because I am a good leader and a quick thinker. I love to help those who need it at any given time which is an important skill to have in leadership.

SRC is a role in which leadership is required. You need to be responsible and organised and prepared for the job. I have a lot of determination to help out the school as much as possible and I think this would be a good opportunity for me.

I am also collaborative. I am willing to work with anyone whether I know them or not, because I believe everyone has good thoughts and ideas to share. I am respectful and I will consider every suggestion.

I know all of these traits are what a SRC needs, and I also know that they represent me. I have just the right amount of confidence and determination for this role, and if I get it I will do nothing more but get stronger on these traits.

I’m optimistic and I will always do my very best and put in all my effort to be an SRC. I hope you consider me, as in I know that SRC is a very important and serious role that I can fulfil putting all my effort into it.

Dear Lee,

Happy 2016! It’s already been a great start to the year and I’m excited to keep going. A couple of things about me are that I love to read and write. I also like to try new things even if it’s something I don’t necessarily like. I came to Moonee Ponds Primary School last year (2015) from America! I have so far really liked the school, an opinion I am not planning on changing anytime soon. I am excited to start learning about whatever you have in store for the rest of the year!

I bet you had a wonderful holidays as I can see in your letter, you said you flew to Tasmania to visit your parents. My grandmother came from America to visit my family. We went to lots of tourist spots to show her around which was lots of fun. One of my favourite spots was Sovereign hill. Panning for gold was my favourite part of that trip. We even won the gold nugget in the competition.

Before all of that my family and I took a trip to Adelaide. We went on a 5 hour car drive past lots of fields (LOTS of fields). We went to a super interesting museum that didn’t have a specific theme although it was still awesome! My favourite parts were, learning about pacific island cultures, and animals that went extinct. There was one exhibit about giant squids and how big they were.

I didn’t really do anything that exciting other than that over the holidays. Relaxing mostly you could say. Anyways, like I said in the beginning of this letter I’m really excited for the rest of 2016 as I expect everyone else is.

Link to Lee’s letter:

2016 Welcome